What do the next generation of real estate agents look like and how will they be different? Will they be better, worse, something else?

Ryan Gunderson has an answer:

 "The next generation will be significantly more innovative, but at the core, if an agent's foundation is not built around the fundamentals (e.g., hard work, person-to-person contact, ethics, and integrity), it's all for nothing and not productive."

 Ryan may numerically be on the younger side of life, but he is an old soul in heart and in mind. His immersive experience in our local real estate markets - particularly Balboa Island - has served him very well.

By blending his knowledge and understanding of next generation technology, new wave marketing capabilities, and digital media insights with old world principals like elite customer service and a never ending dedication to do things the right way, this 30-something with two kids and a third one en route has positioned himself as one of the most active agents in Newport Beach. In 2015 Ryan and his team sold more than 50 million dollars of property. In 2016, they sold nearly $100,000,000, in 2017 more than $125,000,000,  and in 2018 they collectively sold more than $160,000,000.

 At one point quite recently, Ryan, his wife, children, parents, brother, and grandparents, all lived on Balboa Island.  His office is on Marine Avenue in the commercial village and he currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Balboa Island Improvement Association. He knows the Island and its real estate market inside out and hopes to be one of the leading agents there for years to come.

  Ryan and his wife have four children. They are very involved in their church and local community and love having such a strong network in the area.